Trackman 4

Trackman 4 uses patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT) technology to capture the exact impact location on the clubface. That’s a level of precision you can’t get anywhere else.  Optical-based launch monitors can only capture useful data for a fraction of a second, while Trackman 4’s dual Doppler radar technology captures data for the entire ball flight, typically lasting about six seconds.  The world’s top coaches, players, equipment manufacturers and club fitters choose and use Trackman 4 for a reason: because it delivers the highest-quality data. Period.


Trackman 4 measures more than 40 data parameters:

Club Data

Club Speed, Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, Club Path, Face Angle, Face to Path, Spin Loft, Swing Plane, Swing Direction, Low Point, Impact Height, Impact Offset, Dynamic Lie

Ball Data

Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Launch Direction, Spin Axis, Height, Curve, Landing Angle, Carry, Side, Total, Side Total

Putting Club Data

Club Speed, Backswing Time, Stroke Length, Forward Swing Time, Tempo, Dynamic Lie, Attack Angle, Club Path, Face Angle, Face to Path

Putting Ball Data

Launch Direction, Ball Speed, Skid Distance, Roll Speed, Speed Drop, Roll %, Break, Entry Speed Distance, Total Distance, Side

Putting Green Data

Effective Stimp, Stimp (Flat), Elevation, Slope % side, Slope % rise

V1 Golf App and V1 Coach App

V1 Golf

The leading video golf swing analysis and lesson app that empowers golfers to improve their golf swing and so much more.  You can access your video lessons, drill and capture, analyze and compare your full swing, short game and putting stroke with powerful playback and analysis tools.

Download the app:

V1 Coach

This app will allow me to create voice over video analysis videos for golf lessons, send personalized lessons directly to students, and create drills for students.  



Quintic Ball Roll


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