IMG_3157PGA Golf Instructor Jeff Olisar has been playing golf for almost two decades. Olisar first picked up a golf club while waiting for his parents to finish running errands. The then 12-year-old Olisar stepped onto a driving range next to a shopping center in Naperville, Illinois and became intrigued with unlocking the mental and physical strategy it takes to have a winning golf game.

Olisar ‘s instant infatuation with golf struck a completive chord in the all-around athlete, who previously played baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. Dedicating himself to unlocking the game of golf, Olisar started playing competitively for Naperville North High School’s golf team.

IMG_3163Learning the value of a good instructor, Olisar took golf lessons in high school and was able to take 30 shots off his total score during his freshman year alone. His dedication to learning how to unlock and implement the correct techniques for improving his golf swing, short game and putting rocketed Olisar to the top of his high school’s golf team, leading him to receive multiple offers to play golf in college.

Olisar chose to attend New Mexico State University, which allowed him to pursue a career in golf. During college, he played in more than 30 competitive tournaments, qualifying for the traveling team and winning multiple events. Olisar received his Bachelor’s degree in marketing with an emphasis on PGA Golf Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Not only does Olisar expertly understand the game of golf, but also the business of golf.

Having taught lessons for more than 15 years, Olisar is dedicated to his clients’ success, helping each student better understand their golf swing and body motion in order to create a personalized lesson plan that they will enjoy while achieving lower golf scores. Providing lessons for students of all ages, Olisar has helped high school students improve their golf game in order to be more competitive and has unlocked the game for adult amateur golfers, lower their scores to be competitive at tournaments.

Olisar has been playing golf competitively for 20 years. He became a professional at 20 years old, and was elected as a Class A PGA professional golfer in 2010.

Certifications and accomplishments

Winner of multiple events and tournaments at the pro rank

PGA of America member

Class A PGA Professional

TrackMan Certified Teaching Professional

Career low shot a 62 at Santa Ana Golf Course in December 2014


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