How to Stay Connected in Your Swing

How to Stay Connected in Your Swing

For many golfers, one major problem that leads to inconsistency in baIMG_2222ll striking is using the body and arms separate of each other in the golf swing.  Although you are not trying to do this, incorrect motions with the body will lead it to stop during the swing at which point the arms and hands will take over.  For most, this often occurs at the transition in the golf swing (starting the golf swing).  The most common error is trying to turn and spin the hips very hard without the upper body and the hands.  When this happens, the hips will stall out and the only parts left in your body that will move are the arms and hands trying to catch up to your lower body.  As you contact the ball and swing to the target, there will be excess hand and wrist motion that will lead to a crossing of the hands (pictured to the right).  This move can lead to inconsistency because you will try to time the turn of your hands to square the club instead of using proper body motion to square the golf club at impact.

A great drill for this is to place a rubber ball (smaller than a volleyball) in between your arms IMG_2223and to hit a few pitch shots or 3/4 golf swings.  When doing this drill, the objective is to turn the lower body and the upper body together and try and take the hands out of the golf swing.  As your body rotates on the downswing you are also trying to get more of your weight to your left foot.  As you will see in the image to the left, when properly completing this drill, you will see the golfer no longer needs to viciously turn his wrists to square the club face at impact.  He is now able to turn his body in a proper manner and is staying connected because his lower body, upper body, and arms/hands are working together to hit the ball instead of working separately.

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