Frisbee Drill: Great drill for better contact

extensionFor all golfers struggling with a fade/slice or hitting the ball consistently fat or thin, a common mistake is not extending the left arm though impact.  The Frisbee drill allows all golfers to feel proper level turning of the shoulders through impact as well as keeping their left arm extended.

The idea of the drill is to try and throw a frisbee as high and as far towards your target from a golf setup position.  You will start in your regular set up position and hold the frisbee in your lead hand.  From set up, you will turn to the top of your swing and try to keep your shoulders more level.  On the downswing, the primary focus when turning through the shot is to keep your shoulders level in relation to the ground and extend your left arm through the throw. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE DRILL:

Practicing this motion and working it into your golf swing will allow you to start getting on top of the golf ball.  The big takeaway from this drill is to work on being able to keep your arms extended to the target through the shot.  This key will be a big step in becoming a better ball striker and to take the curve out of your ball flight.


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